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eye pillow places over the eyes of a person in meditation class

Evergreen Meditation

We're Here to Help You Feel Better. 

In Mind. In Body. In Life.

Breathe in deeply. Breathe out. Breathe in deeply. Breathe out.

You just meditated.


One of the most misunderstood and overlooked wellness practices is also one of the most powerful tools for releasing anxiety and making you feel better, more confident and more connected to your life. At Evergreen, Liv Mohr Meditation and Mindfulness classes are fun, simple and accessible to everyone.

Liv Mohr Mindfulness Meditation

Tuesday 7PM - 8PM
Candice Thomas

Recharge. Reconnect. Open up. Let go.

A modern take on the centuries old practice of meditation, this class focuses on teaching different strategies and breathing techniques to begin or deepen your personal practice. Intentional community connection and guided meditation will focus on the benefits of disconnecting, making space for acceptance and getting comfortable within yourself.


As a Liv Mohr class, a portion of proceeds will benefit the Barrie Family Health Unit through the Canadian Mental Health Association and assist in providing counselling services and workshops for those suffering from anxiety.

Coming to Class

Dress comfortably in soft clothing you can move in. We will keep the room at a neutral temperature during each class, but encourage you to wear layers as everyone has their own personal experience of temperature.

Evergreen will provide all props we use in each class, including mats, yoga blocks, meditation cushions, eye pillows, etc. If you would like to bring your own mat or accessories, please do so.

Meditation at Home

Meditation is both a skill and a tool. As with any skill or tool, it takes time and practice to improve and find the methods that work best for you. At Evergreen, our goal is to provide you with everything you need on your wellness journey from a thoughtful and supportive community and educational opportunities to the physical objects that you may want in your personal practice.


The Mindful Market is a collection of thoughtfully sourced products to help you create a self care wellness practice in your day to day life. All of the products available are used and loved at Evergreen and every effort is made to support local artisans and makers.


Themed Meditation Classes

Occasionally, Evergreen will host themed meditation classes that focus on a specific element, wellness trend or a special guest instructor. In the past, these classes have included sound baths, energy cleansing and smudge bundle making, goal setting and reiki.

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