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Evergreen Calendar

We're Here to Help You Feel Better. 

In Mind. In Body. In Life.


A powerful practice for helping to reduce stress, increase relaxation and decrease anxiety and tension, yoga is a simple way to greatly improve your quality of life.

Yin Yoga

Monday 7PM - 8PM
Amy Reid

Targeting the deep connective and fascia tissues, Yin Yoga is intended to adjust and improve the way energy flows through the body. A gentle, passive practice, positions are more relaxed and held for a longer period of time than in more active yoga practices such as Hatha or Vinyasa. In Yin Yoga the breath is used to promote relaxation, to soften and release muscle tension down to the level of the bone and to gain deep access to the body. This class strategically targets the most common areas of tension and strain caused by our day to day lives: neck, back, shoulders, hips and back. 


Leave class with a renewed sense of calm and wellbeing. 

Liv Mohr Yoga + Massage 

1st Monday Each Month 7PM - 8PM
Amy Reid + Candice Thomas

A combination of Yin Yoga, self-massage and supported massage, this class is a space to reconnect with your body and mind while releasing long held tension and anxiety. Designed to relax and restore in order to begin each month from a place of mindfulness. 


As a Liv Mohr class, a portion of proceeds will benefit the Barrie Family Health Unit through the Canadian Mental Health Association and assist in providing counselling services and workshops for those suffering from anxiety. 

Coming to Class

Dress comfortably in athletic clothes you can move in. We will keep the room at a neutral temperature during each class, but encourage you to wear layers as everyone has their own personal experience of temperature. 

 Evergreen will provide all props we use in each class, including mats, yoga blocks, meditation cushions, eye pillows, etc. If you would like to bring your own mat or accessories, please do so. 

Private Classes

with Amy Reid 
Individual: $80/Hour
Group: $18/Person/Hour (up to 5 people)

Individual and group private classes are available at Evergreen. Perfect for those who want to explore different elements of yoga, deepen their personal practice or simply have a fun and meaningful experience with friends and family. 


Please contact Candice Thomas for further information. 

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