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The Liv Mohr Project


Stress, anxiety, depression and feelings of isolation are at an all time high for Canadians with 73% of employed adults aged 20 to 64 citing some level of stress.

Sadly, if left unaddressed, these feelings, and our overall mental health, will only worsen, and unfortunately, our healthcare system is not yet designed to support mental health care proactively through a preventative approach.

The Liv Mohr Project is dedicated to filling this gap. To creating awareness about the positive impact of self-care on overall wellbeing and to actively providing the tools, education and support needed to practice self-care and mindfulness within our community and throughout Ontario.


We give you a way to pause. To accept. To connect.

To Liv Mohr.


The Liv Mohr Project is also intended to directly impact and invest in the community we live in. A portion of proceeds from any Liv Mohr service, class, event or product goes directly to the Barrie Family Health Unit through the Canadian Mental Health Association and assists in providing counselling services and workshops for those suffering from anxiety.


Liv Mohr Mindful Meditation Series 

We have all been experiencing a higher level of stress and uncertainty over the past few months. Feelings of isolation, fear, frustration, and depression have rippled through the country.

To help you cope and manage through these unprecedented times, I have developed an online meditation and mindfulness series.  

This online series offers practical skills that you can apply to your everyday life. Whether you are a beginner or expert in meditation and mindfulness, this program was built for you!

Learn how to create positive change in your life.



About the Liv Mohr Project

Having battled with anxiety and depression for most of her life, Candice Thomas is intimately aware of how difficult it can be to find resources and support through the Canadian healthcare system without coming to a state of crisis.

After the birth of her first child, Candice became determined to create the space and services that she lacked. To create a proactive and preventive approach that treats both the physical and mental aspects of well being. To foster connection and build networks for those who may be lost, isolated or just looking for a way to unplug in our fast moving world. To re-invest in the places we live and to actively contribute to improving federal and provincial mental health services.


Honouring both her past and her hope for the future, Liv Mohr is named after Candice’s daughter, Olivia Mohr.

The Liv Mohr Mindful Meditation Series

The meditation series highlights the 7 attitudes of Mindfulness. Each attitude when applied to everyday life creates a more balance and calm lifestyle. 

Choose 1 Attitude or complete all 7 Mindfulness Attitudes and work through the series at your own pace. 

Individual purchase: $39.95 
7 week Subscription: $200.00 (save $10)

5 - 10 participants $2000 
10 - 15 participants $3100

(Contact Candice directly to purchase packages)
(705) 761 4222

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Wellness while you WORK
ONLINE program


The program offers 6 guided meditations and 3 strategies broken down into MORNING, NOON and EVENING segments. You get to choose what you need throughout the day: A calm morning, an afternoon pick me up and an evening to unwind.

Your time is valuable. This program was built with you and your busy schedule in mind. It is accessible 24/7, all strategies can be done without even having to leave your desk AND all the meditations are 5 minutes in length or less!

Individual purchase: $29.99

Businesses/Groups Investment:
Contact Candice directly to purchase packages
(p) (705) 761 4222

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