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Evergreen Service Rates 

We're Here to Help You Feel Better. 

In Mind. In Body. In Life.

Effective as of July 1st 2022

Massage Therapy

90 minute treatment | $140.00 + HST

60 minute treatment | $105.00 + HST

45 minute treatment | $90.00 + HST

30 minute treatment | $75.00 + HST

View our booking for Combination Massage Therapy Service rates

CUPPING can be added to any massage or fascial stretch treatment.


All treatment providers at Evergreen are Registered Massage Therapists and their services can be claimed under health benefit plans when applicable. 

Meet the Team

Our team of wellness experts, healthcare practitioners and instructors are invested in your wellness. Discover the Evergreen community.

The Evergreen Wellness team hugging for a group photo
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